Scale your business, increase profits
and experience true freedom.

I help CEOs and their teams execute on their strategic 
plan through transparency and accountability.

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  • Between calls, meetings, and being everyone’s go-to, you have no time to work on the big picture.

  • You feel like the “Chief Repetition Officer” for how often you give the same directions… yet nothing gets done.

  • You feel like you’re on your own because your team isn’t aligned with your vision.

  • You're exhausted by all the late nights working because you feel like you're doing it all yourself.

  • You’re worried you’re wasting time and money and missing out on opportunities.

  • You wish you had validation around which team members are dragging you down.

Does this sound familiar?

Most CEOs don’t achieve their vision because they 
get bogged down with the day-to-day.



I believe aligning your team to make
 your greatest impact can be easy.


See real progress in revenue and profitability.

Scale the business and free yourself from the day-to-day.

Walk out the door knowing your team is executing for you.

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I get it. It’s overwhelming when the whole
business rests on your shoulders.

I know you want to scale your company and increase profitability. In order to do that, you need your team to be involved and engaged with execution. The problem is you’re too busy putting out fires or spinning your wheels to make this happen.

That’s why I’ve coached over 400 business owners in developing and executing their strategic plans — so they can get out of the weeds and start seeing real results.

Here’s why my approach is unique:

  • My focus is on process, alignment, execution, and people. First, we build the strategy and then align your people to it — so it isn’t just on you as CEO.

  • Clients call me the “Velvet Hammer” because I’m not afraid to call them out, while not making them feel attacked.

  • Your custom roadmap is combined with proven methodologies because using a cookie-cutter system doesn’t work for everyone.

  • I’ve built two businesses, sold one, and coached countless others in growth strategy. That means I’ve been where you are, and I can give you unbiased feedback and guidance.

CEO can be a lonely job, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s get started.

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Here's how it works




We’ll identify your top 3 areas of focus and discuss a plan
for implementation. If it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll schedule your kickoff.


Custom Roadmap


 Over 12-24 months, we’ll break your long-term strategy into small, achievable steps to move the company forward.

With your team fully executing, you can breathe easy knowing your company is (finally) on the right track.

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“The growth of the team feels amazing. We have direction, a living strong culture, and a multi- year goal structure that allows us to concentrate on the right actions.”

After implementing with Jennifer, the growth of our team feels amazing. Our strategic plan allows us to focus on the actions that will take us where we want to be. Our team has consistent communication channels, the culture has skyrocketed and overall, the company is much more productive and profitable.

Jennifer introduced the Rockefeller Habits to a very unstructured industry and helped us understand how to grow and scale a soft skills business. Implementing huddles and priority creation has been a game changer for our business. Our communication has improved dramatically, and the team is empowered to own their own part of our business.

Our team and board needed to get aligned around a 3-year strategic growth plan for our non-profit organization. Our priorities were to scale and increase revenue. Jennifer's experience and guidance were exactly what we needed. Her philosophy, methodology, and tenacity have helped us make this important transition with clarity and ease.

—Abby Spaulding
Continuum Planning Partners –
Managing Partner and Financial Planner

—Cameo Carlson
mtheory - CEO

—Jim Gregory
Nashville Tree Conservation Corps
Executive Director

The Proven Scaling Up Method

There are 4 decisions, that when done right, will make the difference.

Engagement Levels

In your 2-day kick off, we’ll start your 
strategic plan, then come together for Quarterly Planning Days with your team. 3 Quarterly coaching calls with the CEO to work together 1:1. 

scale up

12-24 month engagement

Implement Scaling Up at a faster rate with 1:1 coaching calls for your leadership team. 6 leadership coaching calls each quarter. Includes everything in the Scale Up engagement level. 

12-24 month engagement

Perfect for solopreneurs who want help creating their annual plan and being held accountable to it each quarter. Includes kick off call, 3 quarterly planning calls and 2
check-in calls per month. 


6 month engagement

scale up 


Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls Also Available for Business Owners

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Stop letting a lack of alignment stall your growth.

Too many CEOs end up missing out on revenue because they were too busy working “in” the business to actually move the company forward. 

You’ve come too far to let that happen.

Together, we’ll engage the whole team in making your vision a reality —
freeing you up to think about what’s next.

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