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Jennifer has coached over 400 business owners in developing and executing their strategic plans — so it isn’t just on you as CEO – you can get out of the weeds and start seeing real results. Jennifer is no stranger to scaling a business. Prior to her 10 years in coaching, she built two businesses, sold one, and coached countless others in growth strategy. She has served on the leadership teams for several scale up companies wherein she helped grow revenue by 300% over 3 years after an initial $15 million capital raise. She’s been published on and speaks often about communication and processes among teams. She believes that the culture of a business and its ability to scale quickly are determined by finding the right people, putting them in the right position, and making sure everyone is laser-focused.

In her free time, she volunteers on several boards, loves watching the Nashville Predators, hikes, kayaks, and travels.



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Avanthos - What Does It Mean?
"Avanti" is Greek for forward, ahead, onward.
"Ethos" means custom, habit, character.


We are a volunteer-run non-profit. In late 2022, we decided to hire 2 employees but didn’t have any structure in place or a long-term strategy. Our team was not cohesive and lacked vision. It was clear we needed outside consultation to assist us in resetting the organization with a new vision and a clear-cut strategy for achieving it.
After just 2 days of working with Jennifer, we felt a true sense of camaraderie. We left with defined goals and a timeline. The newly hired Executive Director now has an ongoing support system to move our strategy forward. Jennifer’s strength is reading the room to help organizations stay focused so that the two days with her are productive and meaningful.

— Elizabeth Fox, Nashville Tree Conservation Corps, Board Chair

"Before we started working with Jennifer, we couldn’t accomplish big strategic planning because we were always stuck in the day to day. We had loose ideas of where we wanted to go but nothing was formalized or profoundly thought out. We had inconsistent communication styles with our team and we were always putting out fires instead of focusing on strategic growth. After implementing with Jennifer, the growth of the team feels amazing. We have direction, a living strong culture, and a multi- year goal structure that allows us to concentrate on the right actions today to take us where we want to be in 3-5 years. Our team has consistent communication channels and the culture has skyrocketed. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough. Our company wouldn’t be anywhere near as productive or profitable if it wasn’t for Jennifer."

—Abby Spaulding, Financial Planner and Managing Partner - Continuum Planning Partners

As a new CEO of a small company experiencing explosive growth, I was looking for a way to help structure the executive team and create real, measurable goals in a service business, something I had struggled with for several years. Jennifer met with me to design a plan to help my entire team structure our future business and made sure that everyone felt they had a place in the conversation. She introduced the Rockefeller Habits to a very unstructured industry (music business) and helped us understand how to grow and scale a soft skills business. Implementing huddles and priority creation has been a game changer for our business. I know what’s going on at a much higher level, the communication has improved dramatically, and the team is empowered to own their own part of our business.

—Cameo Carlson, CEO - mtheory

Our team and board needed to get aligned around a 3-year strategic growth plan for our non-profit organization. Our priorities were to scale and increase revenue. Jennifer's experience and guidance were exactly what we needed. Her philosophy, methodology, and tenacity have helped us make this important transition with clarity and ease. She is the best business coach and “therapist” for me as I lead this organization through a pivotal transition.

—Jim Gregory, Nashville Tree Conservation Corps - Executive Director